Website Designing


Visitors to your website are like important guests.

Give them an unpleasant experience and they will never return. Treat them well and they’re likely to keep coming back to you. And give you the opportunity for more business!

How to give them that all-important user experience?

Enter BLS Software, creator of over 100 websites …
We help you create a unique user experience! We follow THREE MANTRAS for making your website a great one.

Know your guests

Each website visitor has a different need and taste. So you need information on what they like and what they don’t.

We set up the analytics to help you study the behavior of your guests! See for yourself how much time they spent on each page, what action they took or didn’t take etc. Use this valuable information to improve and ensure more footfalls…

And more business for you!

Help them find their way

Make it easy for them to move around and find what they need.

We help you create a wonderful user experience for your guests. We provide them intuitive navigation and direct them to their next logical destination. This, regardless of the device they use: Laptop, tablet, smartphone … The magic of responsive design!

Engage them in a conversation

Make it easy for them to move around and find what they need.
They have come to your website with a purpose. Help them achieve that quickly and easily. Answer the questions on their mind. We create websites that engage your guests in a meaningful conversation.

Yes, we help you with the content too … Content that perfectly fits within the design!

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Make it easy for your customers … Let them buy your products or services from your website:

  • Integrate with your inventory system
  • Accept order
  • Automated workflow for order processing
  • Credit card integration
  • Fraud prevention
  • Order tracking
  • Returns

Opt for an e-commerce site and please your customers!

Commendable job!

“We are very happy with the process, flow of things and interaction with the BLS team. They have done a commendable job and we look forward to doing more projects with them.”
– Gautham Khated, Nirvana Investments