Privacy Statement

We at BLS respect your privacy. Our privacy policy is aimed at helping you understand how we collect and use your personal information provided to us. It is also aimed at assisting you in taking informed decisions when you use our site, our products, and our services. By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information. The following information will explain our policies and practices regarding the use and protection of your personal information.

1.Personal Information

In general, you can visit our website and explore it without providing any personal information. But you are required to provide us information about yourself, your company or firm, and your practices when you enlist or wish to utilize our services. The information will generally include your name, address, email address, phone number etc.

2.Use of User Information

The user information submitted by you will only be used by us to serve your needs and enhance your interaction with us regarding your project requirements. We will also be sending periodic alerts about new offerings and services as and when they become available. If you do not wish to receive any alerts and communication from us, you can inform us about the same and we will refrain from using your information.

3.Disclosure of User Information

We do not sell, share, or divulge your user information with third parties for any reason. However, we may use your information with our business partners purely for marketing, advertising, or service offering purposes that may benefit you. If you choose to share your information with third parties for accessing their products or services, then your personal information will be subject to their privacy policies.


The security of your user information is of primary importance to us at BLS. We take responsibility of safeguarding your information by employing the best measures, practices and policies. We also take steps to update user information and correct inaccuracies whenever you contact us regarding the same.


At BLS, we use “cookies” to differentiate you from other users. We also use them to prevent you from viewing unnecessary advertisements that ask you to log-in with your personal information multiple times. Cookies, along with our server’s log files, help us calculate the overall number of people visiting our website. They also help us identify which sections of our website are more popular. We can then use this information to improve our website and serve you better. Cookies do not give us access to any of your personal information that you do not intend to share or disclose.


If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Statement, please contact us via our Contact page.