Can you face compliance issues despite following the processes?

surpriseYes! Surprised?

Let’s say A makes a request, B approves it and C acts on it … Everything happens as per process; there’s no deviation. Why then does the compliance issue arise? What causes the traceability to be missing?

TaskLive – Your Golden Thread!

A, B and C have all followed the process. Most likely, each one has the details in an Excel sheet too. But these steps have happened over a period of time. So when you try to find the link between them sometime later … you don’t get it.

If each transaction is a PEARL, all you need is a thread that strings them all together. TaskLive is our golden thread that does it for you! It links them with a workflow. As a result, you

  • Ensure process compliance
  • Eliminate manual tracking
  • Achieve complete traceability
  • Have centralized data that you can analyze

So no more painful tracking with Excel spreadsheets …
No more non-compliance issues …
No more searching for the missing link …


A Workflow consists of a series of activities –industrial, administrative and others- that requires collaboration between multiple people so as to complete the task.For instance, the fulfilment of a Sales Order – This involves several steps starting with the customer placing an order and ending with the product delivery.


Policy Generation

If you are using TaskLive for managing insurance policies, generating them is simple! You can maintain different types of policies and typical wordings within the system. Then simply link the wordings to the policy types and your policy creation is done!


Reconcile Accounts Easily

As critical as traceability is, your business has other requirements too. Think of the nightmarish experience of un-tallied accounts! Thankfully you now have our Reconcile module. It pulls out an exception report of unmatched debits and credits, helping you easily fix the mismatch.


Keep your customers Happy

What about customer complaints? TaskLive has a module to handle them too. You can

  • Define different types of complaints
  • Fix Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Set up escalation matrix to handle any complaints

Use TaskLive and Rest assured your customers will be happy!


Track and Convert Leads

Now that you have a happy customer, how about getting more business from them? Our TaskLead module helps you with automated follow-ups. Keep your customers coming back for your other products and services. With TaskLead, you can trigger automated email blasts and campaigns.

TaskLead also helps automate sending greetings and payment reminders.


Unmatched Flexibility!

You define the workflow. You define the processing rules. You can update them when they change. With TaskLive, everything is user-defined!

All TaskLive modules are interconnected. What’s more, TaskLive works in multiple situations: Whether you are an Insurance company, an Insurance agency or a Manufacturing company, you will find it of great value. Such is its flexibility!

Do away with painful manual tracking of transactions and reconciliation. Please your customers and get more business from them. Get TaskLive and get ahead of competition!





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